Jun 2, 2017 12:30 PM

3 Cannabis Events to Attend in June

Marijuana-focused conferences, summits, and expos create the ultimate atmosphere for discussion, networking, sharing knowledge and experience. The events of this kind are beneficial to everyone: from policy makers to activists to cannabis entrepreneurs to people who want to start their career in the booming weed industry. WeedLex will tell you about the three biggest and most important cannabis business events that will be held this month.

South East Cannabis Conference and Expo (SECC Expo)

When: June 09-11, 2017

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL

SECC Expo is a B2B event that will focus on medical cannabis industry. This event creates a highly professional environment where you can network, share your experience, attend numerous educational sessions, listen to the industry leaders, and learn from the best.

This is an event that will be interesting and beneficial to everyone: from business owners to medical professionals to medical cannabis patients to people who are just curious about medical cannabis and its future in the U.S.

NCIA's Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

When: June 12-14, 2017

Where: Oakland, CA

The NCIA's 4th annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo is one of the most influential B2B conferences in the country. This three-day-long event brings together top industry professionals and experts, leading brands, national and international exhibitors, lawmakers, and activists for networking and education.

Along with a large exhibition, there will be a series of educational sessions and seminars on different topics: from the local and federal marijuana policies to cannabis cultivation to starting and running a cannabis-related business.

For more details, go to the event's webpage.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo)

When: June 14-17, 2017

Where: New York, NY

The annual CWCBExpo is one of the biggest and most important business events for the weed industry. At the Expo, you can learn about the latest cannabis-related technologies and solutions, the newest brands and products available on the market. And during the educational classes, you will get a chance to listen to and to learn from the industry's leading experts and professionals.

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