Nov 3, 2016 12:00 PM

4 Cannabis Industry Events to Attend in November

This month, there will be at least four cannabis events you should pay special attention to. Whether you are a pro-weed legalization activist, medical cannabis patient or marijuana business owner, you can benefit from attending each of these events. It is a perfect networking and educational opportunity for novice cannapreneurs and cannabis supporters: At each of these events, you can meet experienced and successful marijuana growers, manufacturers, producers, and sellers.

Cannabis Grand Cru

Where: Portland, OR

When: November 5, 2015

Cannabis Grand-Cru is a unique event where you can learn about cannabis culture and meet the biggest and most innovative pioneers of the cannabis industry. The event features numerous educational sessions that cover topics ranging from successful marijuana cultivation to the latest technological innovations in the cannabis industry to the most recent changes in the federal, state, and local marijuana policies.

For more details, go to the events' website.

Election Day

Where: Nationwide

When: November 8, 2016

This year, marijuana in on the ballot in nine states. Four states―Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota―will decide whether to allow cannabis use for medical purposes. Five other states―Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada―will consider the legalization of recreational weed. If you live in one of these states, do not miss this opportunity and make your vote count.

World of Cannabis Summit

Where: Las Vegas, NV

When: November 15-16, 2016

World of Cannabis is a unique series of expos and educational workshops where you can meet the industry leaders and learn from the best. It is a two-day event that will cover two major topics: cannabis science and regulation.

On the first day of the summit, you can listen to the leading experts in the cannabis industry who will discuss the recent changes in the marijuana and hemp regulations across the world. You can also learn about the current investment and business opportunities for cannapreneurs in different countries.

The major topic of the summit's second day is the medical properties of cannabis, and, especially, of the cannabinoids. During a five-hour workshop, the leading scientists and medical cannabis experts will try to find the answer to one of the most important questions: what are the cannabinoids and whether they really are medicinal.

For more details, visit the summit's website.

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference

Where: Ashland, OR

When: November 19, 2016

For one day, a small city in Oregon will become the center of the American cannabis industry. The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) will gather hundreds of marijuana cultivators, manufacturers, business owners and managers, as well as marijuana activists, patients, and even politicians. It is an educational event where you can network, listen to the leading weed industry experts, and share your thoughts with like-minded individuals.

For more details, go to the OMBC's official website.

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