Apr 13, 2017 12:35 PM

5 Reasons Britain Is to Benefit From Marijuana Legalization

While Britain is just keeping watch over marijuana legalization in North America, the states in Canada and the U.S. have already been rewarded by their cannabis policy. However, some British have no wish to wait any longer and are beginning to cultivate marijuana just next door to the Queen Mother herself. Is it a cry of despair that means cannabis should be finally legal in Great Britain? Maybe, the country is finally ready to reap all the benefits of marijuana, and there are five reasons why that might be true.

1. There is a large number of marijuana supporters in Britain

Nearly half of the British population support the legalization of cannabis for sale through licensed dispensaries, according to a recent poll carried out for The Independent. In addition, there is the first in the history pro-marijuana government in the country. The Liberal Democrats have added the cannabis issue to their agenda and will discuss it at their upcoming spring conference. The party spokesman Norman Lamb stated that marijuana legalization would produce billions of pounds and remove them from the pockets of illicit drug dealers.

2. Marijuana already has its consumers in the U.K.

There is no need to look for weed consumers or spend millions of pounds on promoting cannabis products, as marijuana users already exist in Great Britain. They just consume pot illegally and put themselves at risk of being prosecuted. However, the number of pot consumers is so great now that the police are no longer forced to arrest drug users.

British Police Forces No Longer Arrest Drug Users
British Police Forces No Longer Arrest Drug Users
In Britain, people caught possessing any illicit drug, including heroin and cocaine, are allowed to avoid court, prison, and a criminal record.

3. Britain will establish control over the industry

Though Great Britain still believes that the government controls this illegal industry the most, it is not really true. Unlike the traders of alcohol and tobacco, the cannabis market players pay no taxes to the budget and take no responsibility for the marijuana quality. If pot were legalized in the U.K., the country would regulate the manufacturing, distribution, and quality of the substance. It would raise awareness among pot consumers and let researchers investigate the drug properly.

4. Weed legalization will bring billions of taxable pounds to the country

The experience of North America shows that the sale of legal weed products can result in billions in taxes. For instance, a recent report from Arcview Market Research found that people in Canada and America spent near $53.3 billion of taxable dollars on marijuana products last year.

Report Suggests: Cannabis Legalization May Bring $7.8 Billion of Revenue by 2020
Report Suggests: Cannabis Legalization May Bring $7.8 Billion of Revenue by 2020
If voters support initiatives legalizing recreational marijuana in five American states and medical marijuana in Montana and Florida, those states will receive a $7.8 billion revenue from the legal weed market by 2020, the latest report suggests.

5. Marijuana taxes will fund important social areas

Finally, the government would be able to use the taxes from marijuana sales for funding important social projects. For instance, the American states that legalized marijuana allocated pot money to fund mental health and addiction services, as well as awareness campaigns and the health care system. Unfortunately, these areas are also constantly underfunded in Great Britain, but this problem can be solved by legalizing cannabis.

If you know other benefits of marijuana legalization in the U.K., share your ideas in the comments below.

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