Nov 5, 2016 12:15 PM

7 Cannabis Strains to Go Through the Presidential Election

The presidential election is quite stressful time. Moreover, the voters in nine U.S. states will have to nervous more than others, as the marijuana initiatives are also on the vote. Definitely, it is better to go through this time with some buds of marijuana. It will calm your overwhelming emotions and get you into the voting mood. Here is a list of seven weed strains that will be appropriate for this case.

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Are These 9 States Ready to Legalize Marijuana in November?
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The Catfish strain suits well for voters who support Hillary Clinton. This pure sativa hybrid also has its secrets from people, but it provides stoners with an uplifting high with no signs of paranoia or anxiety. MMJ patients use the strain to combat depression, nausea, and irritability. Like Clinton, Catfish will benefit you with an optimistic feeling that everything is all right. This cannabis is also helpful in case of muscle cramps, the inconvenience of which Hillary Clinton definitely can understand.

Abusive OG

Donalt Trump's supporters can see the personality of their candidate in the Abusive OG strain. This cannabis is a heavy indica that will knock its users out. Abuse OG acts immediately and provides with a euphoria high that later transforms into sedation. However, the strain's high is short-lasting and leaves you with heavy drowsiness which you can barely resist. So, this indica effects are very similar to Trump's speeches, that shock you first and then become deadly boring.

Obama Kush

Instead of constantly guessing who will be the next president, it is better to pay respects to Obama who is leaving the office. Opt for the Obama Kush strain and you will feel relaxation and euphoria after its using. This indica-dominant hybrid has a nice sweet flavor with an earthy and pine aroma. Containing nearly 14-22% of THC, the strain allows you forget about all that election mess for a while. Think better how marijuana legal status has been changed during Obama's presidency. However, be careful with your dose, if you are a newbie. The strain can make you fall asleep and miss the Election Day.

Presidential OG

Thanks to the efforts of Royal Queen Seeds, weed users can now benefit from the Presidential OG strain. The genetic hybrid of OG Kush and Bubble Gum can now boast with 23% THC and a strong indica high. Using this strain after voting for your presidential candidate, you can sleep calm and peaceful. Presidential OG can also boost your appetite, so provide yourself with enough snacks for the hungry morning.


The G-13 strain is often associated with government agencies that allegedly used the skills of cannabis geniuses. Bred in the result of multiple crossings, this mystrerious weed got the extreme potency and a strong mandarin flavor. This indica strain contains more than 18% of THC and 1,5% of CBD that make it extremely effective for treating various diseases. G-13 will fight your negative mood, relieve chronic pain, and relax your muscles turning you into a couch-locker. However, you will feel no signs of lethargy and become more concentrated and creative.

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Amnesia Haze

If presidential election is too traumatic for you, it is better to prefer the Amnesia Haze strain. This sativa cannabis will return you faith in humanity and an optimistic mood. Its THC level usually reaches 20%, so try to control your consumption to avoid overdose. The right dose of American Haze will provide you with a pleasant euphoria and make you giggling and contented.


Sometimes, politicians seem to be a total trainwreck, especially before the presidential election. All of them are talking too much but avoiding vital topics. Perhaps, you need a little of the Trainwreck flower to keep up with all the promises of presentational candidates and not lose your mind. This sativa-leaning hybrid has a euphoric high and focused effects. With 21% of THC, Trainwreck helps users objectively view the reality without racialism and agitation.

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