May 19, 2016 8:43 AM

Alabama Legalizes Medical CBD Oil

On May 4, the Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley signed a bill that allows medical marijuana oil in the state. The law goes into effect on June 1; and the new piece of legislation decriminalizes possession of cannabidiol that was produced in other states. This law follows a 2014 bill that established a CBD oil study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Robert Bentley, a medical doctor himself, believes that that it is important to give the option to use a new kind of treatment for patients with a chronic or debilitating disease. According to the medical studies at UAB, cannabidiol can be effective in patients with chronic seizures. Governor Bentley also pointed that he hopes to determine whether cannabidiol can help patients with other chronic debilitating diseases.

Cannabidiol oil is a product of cannabis processing. CBD oil contains little or no THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, and therefore will not get you high. According to the new law, no more than 3 percent of THC is allowed.

UAB is studying the effects of pharmacy-grade CBD oil, but the restrictions in the federal laws complicate the research process. Hundreds of candidates were not allowed to take part in the research because of these limitations.

Still, according to the latest tests, about 50 percent of patients who received CBD oil had steady improvements in seizure control. Two patients became seizure-free.

People opposed to the new law claim that at this stage is is too early for the legislature to act, as the available research results are “too experimental.” Also, some think that 3 percent THC content might be too potent, especially for use in children. There are also some reservations regarding using a product which was not approved by the FDA.

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