Jun 9, 2016 9:10 AM

Amsterdam to Start Experimental Cannabis Cultivation

Amsterdam is going to change its attitude to the cannabis cultivation. Now, commercial enterprises will be able to grow their own garden without risking to be arrested.

Today, the Dutch law allows every citizen to grow up to five cannabis plants for personal use only, and to employ no more than one technical apparatus for their garden. In case a person has, for instance, six plants, or two growing boxes, then their garden is defined as a “professional cultivation”, and the owners are risking prosecution.

But now, despite the unstable political environment, the Dutch government has decided to expand the opportunities for local growers. D66 party leader Jan Paternotte announced that Amsterdam is going to take part in the experiment which will allow marijuana cultivation in a more regulated way. After all, Amsterdam is the place with the biggest number of coffee shops in the world—the perfect place to test a marijuana cultivation reform.

“Now it is no longer whether the Netherlands will regulate cannabis cultivation, but when,” said Paternotte.

The local Cannabis Social Club, a non-commercial organization, created to protect the rights of cannabis consumers and producers under the auspices of ENCOD, volunteered to be the first to cultivate marijuana. If Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, gives the permission, tetrahydrocannabinol will be exempted from the “Opium Act.” This, in turn, will give the club permission to grow cannabis legally.

However, the permission will not protect the Cannabis Social Club from other laws and regulations that can make it difficult for them to find bankers or real estate brokers once they start growing cannabis.

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