Apr 6, 2017 12:40 PM

Argentina Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Last week, the Argentine Congress voted on a law that allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes. With this move, Argentina has advanced in loosening the legislation on cannabis.

The bill had unprecedented support from various parties in the country. It was also greatly approved by patients who need cannabis therapy. It is expected that President Mauricio Macri will sign the bill into law.

Activist groups of mothers who have sick children met the decision of lawmakers with great enthusiasm. They hope that soon their children will have access to the medicine they need.

Maria Laura Alasi, one of the mothers, said that that the legalization of marijuana was her dream because it could make the lives of patients more comfortable. Maria has a daughter who is battling West syndrome that manifests in numerous epileptic spasms a day.

Thanks to this law, cannabis oil will be legally imported to Argentina. The citizens of the country will be able to buy it at a pharmacy provided they have a doctor’s prescription.

However, the new legislation does not allow the cultivation of cannabis at home—it remains prohibited.

As a mother of a young patient, Alasi hopes that this ban will be removed soon as for many families in the country, personal cultivation is the only way to help their sick children.

Argentina is not the only Latin American country that has relaxed its laws on medical marijuana over the recent years.

Uruguay was the pioneer in the legalization of cannabis back in 2013. It was the first country that allowed citizens to grow, sell, and smoke marijuana. The only condition was to be officially registered.
Moreover, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia have adopted laws legalizing cannabis for scientific and medical purposes.

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