Nov 18, 2016 12:05 PM

Australians Can Now Apply for Licenses to Cultivate Medical Marijuana

The Australian government has recently allowed the legal growing of medical marijuana, giving the new cannabis cultivators a possibility to apply for licenses to grow the herb.

This development was caused by the new law, The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act of 2016, that has recently taken effect.

Sussan Ley, the Minister for Health of Australia, announced that the new regulation was a significant step forward for both patients and medical practitioners. Now doctors will have more options for treating their patients with medical cannabis.

The new measure describes a regulatory scheme, where state inspectors will monitor and inspect cultivators with licenses to grow the herb for medicinal and scientific purposes. Those who are going to apply for licenses to cultivate cannabis will need to meet certain requirements and pass a security test.

Australia legalized medical marijuana in February 2016 so that the patients who desperately needed medical cannabis were no longer treated as criminals. However, using the herb for recreational purposes remains illegal.

As for the local authorities, individual Australian states will now have the right to determine whether they would like to allow marijuana cultivation. Thus, they have different approaches to the rules of cannabis cultivation.

Queensland, one of the biggest Australian states, will allow prescribing medical marijuana to patients suffering from a range of serious diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and HIV/AIDS. The state will not require that patients be above a certain age to get access to medical cannabis. However, those who need a marijuana treatment will need to prove that it would be beneficial for their health.

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