Aug 19, 2016 9:40 AM

Canadians Can Officially Grow Medical Cannabis

According to the new measure recently announced by Health Canada, patients who require medical marijuana treatment can officially cultivate their medicine.

The new ruling includes the information about the number of plants allowed depending on the amount of treatment needed. Thus, a Canadian patient can grow five indoor plants or two outdoor plants per one gram of dried weed. The difference between the amount of indoor and outdoor plants comes from the fact that outdoor plants provide bigger yields.

The measure also allows patients who are not able to grow their medicine due to some health problems to assign another person to cultivate it for them. One person can grow weed for no more than two people.

The new measure provided by Health Canada follows the Federal Court order mandating that the officials make medicinal cannabis more accessible to patients who really need it.

However, compassionate care groups and dispensaries are currently operating in a legal gray area, remaining unauthorized to legitimately help their patients. The only authorized suppliers are the 34 licensed ones that now serve about 70,000 customers.

Medical cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. Any focus on medical marijuana by government structures can be considered positive. However, the Canadian Pharmacists Association thinks the regulators have not been effective in providing limits on who can dispense plants and seeds. They called for stricter control to limit the gray market and counteract abuse by recreational users. But still, all new measures are the first steps to full marijuana legalization in 2017.

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