Dec 26, 2016 12:20 PM

Cannabis Home Delivery Becomes Available in Portland

Weed enthusiasts from Portland, Oregon will soon have the opportunity to get pot delivered right to their doorstep. The Portland City Council has recently voted to allow recreational cannabis delivery to the customer's home. Numerous cities in California are already using a similar service, and it is in great demand over there. Additionally, more positive changes can be expected in Portland, as the City Council also made many other amendments.

Weed industry remains one of the most promising in Portland. Although its first recreational shops were opened only in late 2015, the quality assurance standards for medical and recreational marijuana and policies for edibles and concentrates have already greatly improved.

The new measure that allows obtaining licenses for weed delivery was tagged as one of the ways to support small businesses in the cannabis industry. Up until now, many experts have criticized legalization laws throughout the country for giving more opportunities to big businesses. These changes in Portland legislation will likely support small-scale weed entrepreneurs.

The new amendment creates tiered licenses for companies of different sizes. Portland is going to have distinguished licensing for 1250 foot grows, 625 foot grows, and another type of license for micro-wholesalers.

Previously, Portland has been backlogged with license applications. If approved, the new measures will decrease the licensing fees for both wholesalers and small producers. All in all, the amendment is going to simplify the licensing process for the City and businesses.

Unfortunately, Oregon still has some of the strictest laws on weed testing in the U.S., which often puts pot entrepreneurs in a tricky position. All cannabis products are now comprehensively tested at all stages of the production process. The new quality assurance standards can lead to a limited range of goods on the dispensary shelves, as many companies will not meet the new requirements.

The deadline for all the changes is set for Dec. 31. However, Portland will not shut down businesses that do not receive their licenses by the first of the year.

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