Jul 10, 2017 12:50 PM

Catalonia Legalizes Weed for Adult Use

Catalonia, Spain, has finally legalized cannabis after a long fight. The campaign in support of the issue collected more than 67,000 petition signatures. This substantial number forced the community’s government to consider the matter and adopt new laws for regulating the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of weed for adult use. This decision will make marijuana clubs regulated and the weed itself decriminalized in the autonomous region.

The movement for cannabis legalization started in early 2014. However, it had been stalled until a Catalonian weed advocacy group known as La Rosa Verda collected more than 55,000 signatures in support of the protection of cannabis users and legally operating weed clubs. Due to their efforts, Catalonia will be the first in the region to implement regulatory standards of marijuana.

According to barrister Amber Marks, the new measure will protect consumer rights and constitutional rights to personal autonomy and development of personality. Moreover, the law sets specific rules for growing, packaging, storing, and testing cannabis products.

Any Catalonian of 18 and over can now legally buy pot from the clubs, but only a certain amount per month is allowed. However, marijuana tourism remains prohibited.

Weed enthusiasts in the autonomous region are currently collecting signatures for national reform. The needed amount for reaching the Parliament is 500,000 signatures, but the number seems achievable for the citizens of Catalonia.

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