Feb 17, 2017 12:25 PM

CBD Oil Initiative Passes in Wisconsin Senate

While medical cannabis has already become a usual thing in most states that have legalized it, Wisconsin has still not made any efforts to improve its marijuana policy. A 2014 bill that initiated the marijuana legalization contained no practical help for either patients with seizures or their doctors except releasing them from the risk of legal prosecution for using CBD oil. A new bill passed by the Senate aims to legally allow people with seizures to possess and use CBD oil with written consent from their doctor.

Wisconsin lawmakers introduced a similar initiative in the Assembly last year, but it did not go beyond the Senate. The new bill submitted this year was finally adopted with a 31-1 vote on Feb. 8. Duey Stroebel, a Republican Senator, was the only opponent of this initiative.

Though the bill provides legal access to CBD oil to people with debilitating seizures, many medical experts find that CBD is more beneficial for this condition when it is combined with THC, which remains illegal.

Although technically the oil has been allowed for certain parts of the population since 2014, medical marijuana patients faced difficulties in getting it, as the 2014 law required their prescriptions to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

According to Sen. Chris Larson, if the bill had included easy access to the oil at the beginning of the debate, it would have helped patients with seizures diminish their symptoms earlier.

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Despite the high chances that the bill will pass in the Assembly, there is still a lot of criticism about the text of the initiative. For instance, the law limits the number of patients that can be treated with medical cannabis. In addition, it does not provide a legal way to obtain the medication after receiving a written approval for marijuana use.

The bill also has no provisions for creating CBD oil production and sale in the state. This is a real legal obstacle, as the federal law prohibits the import of weed products from other states.

Of course, many things are still not specified by the bill, but at least it is the first step.

Patients will no longer be afraid of breaking the law when they choose medical marijuana as a treatment option for their seizures. Fortunately, the government of Wisconsin understands that cannabis prohibition brings more harm to patients than the herb itself.

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