Sep 21, 2016 9:25 AM

CMA Survey: Marijuana Should Be Bought at 21, Canadian Doctors Say

This year, the Canadian Medical Association organized a survey in an attempt to show the government the right way of marijuana development in the country. The organization asked doctors for their opinion on the matter of cannabis market assessment.

The results varied from doctor to doctor. However, the Association finally presented the list of suggestions. Among the most widespread issues was the legal age of marijuana purchase. The suggested age varied from 21 to 25 years. According to a large group of doctors, the age of 25 is a perfect choice because the brain is fully developed by this time.

IInfluence of Cannabis on Child's and Teen's Brain
IInfluence of Cannabis on Child's and Teen's Brain
As many pharmaceutical drugs are designed for adults, children do not always respond to them the same way their parents do. But what can doctors do if a child is unresponsive to the conventional treatment?

However, if the limit age is too high, teens and young adults are likely to search for illegal ways to buy marijuana. In every country, the main goal of marijuana legalization is to limit the black market. The task at hand will not benefit from raising the age limit.

The Association chose to deal with the limit of 21 years. Besides, as we know, the legal age of cannabis purchase in the U.S. is also set at 21 years. As we have mentioned before, the government of Canada has the U.S. model in mind as a functioning example of marijuana legalization.

2017 Will Be the Year to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana in Canada
2017 Will Be the Year to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana in Canada
In April, Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott revealed the approximate time when the Canadian government was planning to legalize marijuana. In her speech at a special session of the United Nations General Assembly

The CMA also suggested that the legal age of 21 should be accepted nationwide and not only in some provinces. This will allow to avoid issues at the borders of the provinces.

Another prominent suggestion of the CMA is that the limitation of the amount of weed one person can buy can discourage people from sharing the herb with friends who are underage. The potency of the strains should also be considered. However, this suggestion may also become the trigger of the black market boom. If the allowed high is not too high, people will find other ways to satisfy their need.

The list of other CMA’s suggestions included the creation of the database of cannabis-related emergencies and the ban on marijuana marketing. Besides, the doctors claim that weed should be sold primarily through non-healthcare businesses and only then reach cannabis dispensaries.

The CMA did not provide its opinion on whether marijuana should be legalized at all because the process cannot be stopped. The organization only mentions that the system does not work correctly, so some corrections should be introduced.

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