Jul 4, 2016 9:20 AM

Colorado Marijuana Bill: Banning Weed-Infused Gummy Bears

On June 10, John Hickenlooper, Colorado Governor, signed House Bill 1436 into law. This recreational and medical marijuana bill bans marijuana-infused gummies in the shape of humans, animals, and fruit. Selling such kind of gummies will be illegal starting from July 1.

Political Move

According to the lawmakers, marijuana-infused gummy edibles in the shape of animals, such as, for instance, gummy bears, attract children. This, in turn, may lead to accidental ingestion of weed edibles by them.

Nevertheless, it seems rather strange that the new bill is going to ban only those candies that have already gained much popularity. While sweet edibles in the shape of bears and fish will be illegal to produce, cannabis stars, leaves, and many other shapes that should have also fallen within the purview of the law are not banned. This conveys that the House Bill 1436 is a completely political action.

Are Gummy Bears Dangerous?

While cannabis activists are deciding if the banning of weed-infused gummy bears is worth fighting against, there is still uncertainty as to the number of accidental ingestions of edibles among children. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible to find out the origin of the marijuana edibles that led to such incidents. They could have been produced illegally and sold on the black market or consumed as a homemade edible. Currently, we know that there were cases of accidental ingestion of edibles by children but are not aware of any details.

If the truth be told, when it comes to children, it does not make any difference whether candies are shaped like bears, humans, or leaves. Any child would take it because it is a sweet dainty. Moreover, children do not pay attention to the warning labels on the marijuana-infused edibles. It means that every parent and guardian should supervise their children not to let them get the forbidden treat.

It is worth mentioning that since the passing of marijuana legalization bill, millions of edibles have been sold in Colorado. However, Rocky Mountain Poison Control has experienced more calls concerning pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household cleaning products than marijuana edibles.

What to Do Next?

We recommend the devotees of marijuana-infused gummy bears to stock up on their favorite candies while they can. But do not forget that the new bill does not have anything to do with homemade weed edibles. So, if you want to enjoy the candies in the shape of humans, animals, or fruit, you can cook them at home. However, do not forget to keep them away from children and pets. Because no regulations will help prevent accidental ingestion of weed edibles by children better than your control and education.

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