Apr 10, 2017 12:45 PM

Europe’s Largest Weed Factory to Expand Its Business

Have you heard about the biggest cannabis factory in Europe? No, it is not in the Netherlands! Switzerland has a king-size weed barn, and it is absolutely legal! Here you can learn more about this fascinating place and the recent tendencies in the development of the marijuana industry in the country.

Switzerland legalized low-potency marijuana in early 2011. It allowed adults to both smoke and consume marijuana products that contain less than 1% of THC. Currently, a Swiss cannabis factory is experiencing a great boom in sales. The country has about 140 shops that own a license to sell low-THC weed. KannaSwiss, the local wholesaler, provides most of these stores with high-quality cannabis products.

In a special greenhouse, KannasSwiss is growing 3,000 plants, which results in a monthly utility bill of around £12,000. However, that is nothing since the Swiss authorities are expecting £20 million in taxes from the cannabis industry on the whole. As a result of the rapidly growing sales, KannasSwiss even had to increase their staff to 20 people.

Although Switzerland changed its laws on using cannabis six years ago, the country discovered the industry’s enormous money-making potential only last year.

Doctor Green’s is one of the most popular weed shops in Switzerland. It belongs to those 140 shops that KannaSwiss provides their products to. Recently, this establishment started bringing about 50,000-100,000 Swiss francs on sales of four to eight kilos every month. Paul Monot, the founder, shares that their customers are quite diversified: bankers, lawyers, workers, and retired people are all using weed to improve their health.

However, Swiss police are still having some issues adjusting to the legal cannabis. If policemen find people using marijuana, they confiscate it, especially if it happens in Zurich and Schaffhausen. They do it because they have no way of checking whether the THC level in the substances falls within the legal limit. The police are currently looking for new ways to test weed batches for conformity with the law.

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