Oct 24, 2016 12:15 PM

First Legal Cannabis Investment Study: 68% of U.S. Investors Are Interested in Marijuana-Related Businesses

The new 2016 Cannabis Investment Study has been recently released by the New Frontier Data, the premier data-collecting company that deals with cannabis analytics, in partnership with The Arcview Investor Network, the leading forum for accredited investors, and Arcview Market Research, the main publisher of marijuana market research. The study shows that despite the differences in the regulations of the cannabis industry in the majority of states, most investors (68%) are interested in marijuana businesses.

The investors are showing interest beyond the ancillary services that were proven to have lower risks. The reason for the surge of interest in the cannabis market lies in the fact that the marijuana industry has been forecast to grow at the rate of 29% annually for the next four years. As one of the most rapidly growing economic sectors in the U.S., the industry attracts hundreds of investors.

Most investors would still prefer to work with ancillary products (62%), while 46% demonstrate interest in non-flower products, reflecting the growing customer demand for concentrates and edibles. Cultivation facilities attract 38% of investors and are extremely appealing in states with a small number of grower licenses. Consulting services, industrial equipment, hemp, and other cannabis-related areas are also the subjects of interest of a small group of investors.

Other important numbers of this report include the following.

  • About 65% of investors made their first investment in 2014 or later, and 71% are going to increase their investments in 2016.
  • Nine in ten investors are attracted to medical marijuana markets; however, only 36% are interested in CBD-only sectors.
  • Most investors express interest in the cannabis markets of California (57%) and Colorado (37%).
  • Looking globally, about 64% of investors are interested in the Canadian market.
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