Sep 11, 2016 9:05 AM

Half of Arizonians Support Recreational Use of Marijuana

Several months before the November voting, a new poll reports that nearly 50% of the state residents are likely to support a recreational marijuana initiative—Proposition 205.

Marijuana Laws by State: Who Votes on Weed Legalization in November?
Marijuana Laws by State: Who Votes on Weed Legalization in November?
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On Aug. 17-31, the Morrison Institute for Public Policy carried out a poll in cooperation with The Arizona Republic and Cronkite News that involved 800 voters who expressed their position on the legalization of recreational use of weed in Arizona.

The poll results show that 50% of respondents surveyed are in favor of legalizing pot for adult use, while 40% of voters are opposed, and 10% of the poll participants do not give a straight answer.

However, the results of the latest study are different from the two earlier polls, as the April poll found only 43% of Arizonians were weed supporters, while the July survey showed that only 39% of the state residents were in favor of adult use of cannabis.

If Prop 205 is voted for in November, Arizonians aged 21 and over will be able to legally purchase and consume one ounce of marijuana, as well as to cultivate six weed plants for recreational use. The state is also going to establish a 15% pot sales tax and impose fines on residents who exceed the legal limits.

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According to a respondent who is in favor of legalization, Arizona would definitely benefit from receiving taxes from weed sales, getting rid of illicit marijuana traffic, and controlling the cannabis market more efficiently.

J.P. Holyoak, a chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, is also sure that the recreational cannabis legalization will give adults the opportunity to legally consume cannabis, which is safer than alcohol.

The poll also shows that 56% of the registered Republicans are against recreational weed, while 64% of the registered Democrats express their support of the herb's legalization.

The cannabis initiative has more support from postgraduate residents than from those who are studying in college or high school. Moreover, 66% of voters aged 18-35 are going to support the Prop 205 while only 42.5% of respondents aged 51 and over are in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis.

Currently, only four states—Alaska, Columbia, Oregon, and Colorado—have recreational weed laws in the U.S. As for Arizona, the state allowed licensed patients to buy medical weed in 2010, but the legal status of recreational cannabis will be decided only in November.

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