Oct 14, 2016 12:20 PM

Health Ministry of Denmark Plans Medical Marijuana Trials

Denmark is planning a four-year experiment that will allow prescribing marijuana to patients with four different debilitating conditions.

The Health Ministry of Denmark is now doing the groundwork for medical marijuana trials that are to begin in 2018.

3 Countries With Most Liberal Marijuana Policies
3 Countries With Most Liberal Marijuana Policies
Though not all states in the U.S. have adopted legislation liberal to drugs, Americans consume more drugs than people in any other country in the world.

Sophie Løhde, the Minister of Health, has proposed this initiative in order to prove the efficiency of medicinal cannabis.

Her proposal is based on the experience of the Netherlands, where medical marijuana has been legally used since 2003.

During the trial period, general practitioners will be authorized to prescribe marijuana products produced in Canada and the Netherlands. Patients experiencing chronic pain, back injuries, multiple sclerosis, and side effects of cancer treatment will be permitted to legally eat, smoke, and drink weed products.

Canadian Company to Export Medical Marijuana Products to EU
Canadian Company to Export Medical Marijuana Products to EU
​Tilray, a Canadian company specializing in medical marijuana production and research, became the first medical cannabis company that received all necessary permits to sell their products to European medical marijuana patients.

Kirsten Normann Andersen from the Socialistisk Folkeparti is only one of the many politicians who support the legalization of medical weed in the country. The proposal is also backed by members from such parties as Enhedslisten, Radikale, and Socialdemokratiet. The members of Liberal Alliance Dansk Folkeparti are ready to license chemists for selling marijuana products without subsidies.

More information on Løhde's proposition will be provided only after the notion is officially approved.

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Brazil Approves Cannabis-Derived CBD Imports for Cancer Treatment
The Brazilian government has approved imports of cannabis-derived CBD oil for use in cancer treatment. The oil will be supplied by Medical Marijuana Inc.
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