Jul 26, 2017 12:35 PM

Landmark Study: Legal Weed Reduces Crime Rates

Cannabis legalization has numerous opponents who believe that it triggers crime growth and many other issues in the society. However, new research shows that legal pot may actually have the opposite effect. Both medicinal and recreational dispensaries have the power to provide plenty of benefits, including the increase of awareness and the attraction of foot traffic, which may significantly lower the crime rates.

The researchers from two famous business schools have recently concluded a study aimed to discover how cannabis dispensaries can help communities lower their crime rates. Mireille Jacobson from The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine and Tom Y. Chang from the USC Marshall School of Business tried to explore what happens when the local authorities force medical marijuana dispensaries to close. The results of the research shattered the previous beliefs about the connection of dispensaries to increased crime rates.

According to Jacobson, the closing of dispensaries led to an immediate increase in crime in their areas compared to those places where weed stores were allowed to remain open. This information proves that dispensaries did not aggravate the criminal situation but instead reduced the crime rates in their vicinity. Dispensaries attract foot traffic to specific areas, while criminals are less likely to operate in high-traffic places. Moreover, legal cannabis dispensaries reduce sales on the black markets, where deals are usually risky. A drop in the number of black-market customers has shown to decrease gun violence drastically.

When customers buy weed on the black market, they cannot be sure what exactly they are purchasing. Dispensaries offer safe and quality products with minimum risk for your health. Moreover, buying weed on the black market, innocent cannabis enthusiasts might become subjects to prosecution by the police, while dangerous cartels remain on the loose.

We believe that as more and more states join the movement for the support of cannabis legalization, the crime rates will continue to decrease.

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