Jul 29, 2016 9:20 AM

Men and Millennials Are Most Numerous Marijuana Consumers

Although marijuana has already been legalized in 25 American states and D.C., women are more suspicious about buying legal cannabis than men. According to a recent report made by Headset, there are only 31.1% of women among marijuana consumers versus 68.9% of men.

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Headset is a Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform that thanks to the marijuana consumer's loyalty and retailer's trust managed to collect a massive database of medical and recreational cannabis transactions.

The report has revealed that the average age of cannabis users is 37.6 years old, while the average age of male consumers is 37.4 years, and the average female age is slightly older at 38.2 years. Interestingly enough, weed users aged 25-29 represent the largest part of recreational consumers—20.39%. At the same time, pot users aged 65 and older account for only 5% of all marijuana customers.

Looking at the report figures, it becomes obvious why cannabis-related pop culture appeals mostly to the young male consumers and their high condition.

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The Headset report also contains information on how much money licensed marijuana users spend on the herb. Most cannabis buyers usually spend from $25 to $50 per trip to a marijuana dispensary, while an average check is estimated at $33. People who spend more than $100 per one trip account for only 8.2%.

Annually, cannabis customers spend more money on marijuana than on liquor. While a median household spends $435 on beer, mixed drinks, and other types of liquor, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average marijuana buyer spends from $500 to $645 per year on cannabis products. Female consumers visit cannabis dispensaries less often than male shoppers, but they tend to spend more money and buy more items than men.

Millennials usually spend $27 per trip, while older buyers visit dispensaries less than once a month but typically purchase weed products for $64.

Though there is a great variety of marijuana-infused products at the store today, most consumers still prefer to purchase pot flowers. In addition, men can also buy concentrates. Women seem to be more adventurous, as they show interest in edibles, topicals, beverages, tinctures, and pre-rolls.

Young customers also like pre-rolls, as they make up 27% of their purchases, while only 8% of 80-year-old consumers buy pre-rolls, according to Headset.

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Though the popular culture has created a stereotype that legal marijuana is only for young male stoners, the Headset report shows a wide range of cannabis consumers. Moreover, each customer segment has their own preferences and habits that determine the face of the future marijuana market.

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