Jul 28, 2016 9:30 AM

More Colorado Children Accidentally Take Marijuana After Legalization of Cannabis

New research of JAMA Pediatrics (the Journal of the American Medical Association) shows that the number of kids from Colorado who accidentally consume weed and get into the hospital is increasing rapidly.

The study monitored one poison control center and one children's hospital in the state, especially kids age 0 to 9, trying to find out if there was any influence of marijuana legalization on the people in Colorado.

The research showed that in a 2-year period after weed legalization, about half of the patients in the children’s hospital suffered from accidental consumption of cannabis products.

In most cases, lack of supervision and incorrect product storage caused incidents where children had taken marijuana edibles.

However, Colorado imposed new rules for packaging products that contain cannabis. The new regulations were implemented toward the end of the study, in 2015, while the researchers analyzed the data obtained in 2009-2015. It would be great to find out whether these new guidelines were effective in causing a decrease in similar incidents in 2016.

It is worth mentioning that marijuana-infused products, its packaging, and labels are the subjects of close attention of governors from other states. At the Liquor and Cannabis Board meeting, the Washington Poison Center recently revealed a new kind of label for edibles that contain pot. Hopefully, the Not for Kids label is going to prevent kids and teens from consuming cannabis products.

The JAMA Pediatrics research did not take into account Washington State, which legalized weed along with Colorado, or Oregon, which recently began adult use sales.

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