Apr 19, 2017 12:20 PM

Most Alabamians Favor Cannabis Legalization

A recent poll has shown that the majority of Alabamians oppose the get-tough enforcement favored by Jeff Sessions, their former senator, who is currently holding the position of Attorney General.

While Jeff Sessions has recently announced the return to the “just say no” policies that were widely used in the 1980s, most of the residents in his home state have an absolutely different viewpoint on the issue, latest survey states.

According to the new poll performed by AL.com, 78 percent of the 2,500 respondents in Alabama support the legalization of marijuana.

The news is quite interesting for both investors and entrepreneurs. The most optimistic part of the population might even believe that the views of Alabamians could influence Sessions' standpoint.

The results of the poll are opposite to the ones that were predicted since Alabama usually ranks high among the states that are not likely to legalize either medical or recreational cannabis.

AL.com asked its visitors a few additional questions that might seem a little bit strange for those who have never been in the state known as the “Bible Belt” of the U.S.

The answers to these three questions were as follows:

  1. 89 percent of responders believe that smoking cannabis is not a sin (only 8 percent said that it was).
  2. A whopping 92 percent are convinced that alcohol is much more dangerous than weed.
  3. 84 percent think that recreational use should be legalized in the state.

Polls of website readers do not correspond with the standards of traditional polling. However, even Pew Research Center has begun to question whether these polls might be more precise than the traditional ones.

Cannabis enthusiasts and advocates are now keeping an eye on Sessions. During the last few months, Attorney General and some other officials have offered a litany of anti-cannabis statementsbut still have not suggested any actions on the issue.In one of his last speeches, Sessions even compared weed to heroin. According to the former senator of Alabama, people are now trying to replace one drug dependency with another, and the country is not going to be a better place if cannabis is sold in every corner store.

Nevertheless, the majority of Sessions’ fellow Alabamians do not support his views.

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