May 27, 2016 8:25 AM

NCIA To Launch New Network for Cannabis Experts and Marijuana Industry

In June, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), one of the largest marijuana trade associations in the U.S., launches its brand-new project—a knowledge-exchange platform called the Cannabis Expert Calling Network (ECN). The main goal of the network is to create a platform where the cannabis industry experts, including those who represent NCIA, and publicly traded cannabis companies, could share their business experience with the people who only make their first steps as marijuana entrepreneurs.

The Cannabis ECN was created in association with Brainsy, Inc.—a company that provides the project with patented Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Brainsy is responsible for creating and supporting the Cannabis ECN transactional calling platform.

The main idea of the new network is pretty simple: the cannabis industry experts and mentors will be invited to create their personalized profiles on the ECN online system. The profiles can be used for online interactions and paid telephone consultations. NCIA is going to invite only the experts who already are members of the Association, and some selected speakers from the Cannabis Business Summit, so there will be no doubts about their competencies.

Entrepreneurs and information-seekers who need to consult an expert will be able to find and contact them, using the Cannabis ECN system as a usual social network. In order to get a response from the expert, the information-seeker will need to contact them and make an arrangement for a phone consultation. The time limits of the telephone consultations can vary: from 15 minutes to an hour. Understanding that the time of an expert is precious, NCIA made all the telephone consultations paid. Moreover, the experts will set their own rates for their over-the-phone consultations.

The best thing about this brand-new knowledge-exchange network created by NCIA is that all the industry leaders who represent different industry fields and large weed companies will be gathered in one place and available to those who may need their help or advice. NCIA promises to invite the experts from various fields of cannabis industry: from cultivation to retail to licensing.

The Cannabis ECN is set for launch on June 20, 2016. The official launch of the new cannabis network is going to be a part of the upcoming 3rd Annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo. The event will take place in Oakland, Ca., from June 20 to June 22, 2016.

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