Jul 4, 2017 12:40 PM

Nevada Launches Recreational Weed Sales

Licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Nevada started selling recreational marijuana on July 1 despite the legal battle they are involved in, according to the state authorities.

Nevada is going to appeal an order of a district judge that claims weed distribution licenses can be granted only to alcohol wholesalers. However, this issue did not affect the state's plans to launch retail pot sales.

The judge ruled in favor of the local group known as the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada that filed a lawsuit to halt the process of issuing cannabis distribution licenses. They believe that only licensed alcohol wholesalers may be allowed to distribute marijuana.

However, the regulators announced that they still had the authority to grant distributor licenses to medical cannabis dispensaries in case they did not receive enough applications from the liqueur industry to meet the high demand for marijuana.

Meanwhile, the Nevada Tax Commission issued new regulations that will obligate pot companies to meet stricter packaging and labeling requirements. The new rules prohibit packaging that might attract children's attention, such as cartoon characters, animals, and fruit.

The new program that will allow licensed MMJ dispensaries to sell recreational weed starts July 1 and is going to last until January. The full recreational cannabis program is planned to be started in 2018.

Nevada officials believe that once the program is fully launched, the state's weed market will become bigger than Colorado’s and Washington state’s.

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