Sep 8, 2016 9:05 AM

New Regulation Will End Isolation of Smokers in Colorado

Colorado is one of the pioneers in the legalization of cannabis in the USA. Although weed can be legally purchased here, pot users remain socially exiled and persecuted. The new NACCPP measure on the November ballot will be able to pull marijuana users out of the shadows.

The NACCPP, or Neighborhood Approved Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program, is aimed at expanding the possibilities of businesses to accommodate marijuana consumption. The main goal of the proposed measure is to create more safe and supervised places for marijuana consumption so that weed users could have access to traditional social environments. Thus, clubs, restaurants, bars, and even occasional events, such as parades or concerts, will have the right to offer cannabis to their visitors. The new measure also describes a new opportunity to receive a one-time cannabis permit.

However, businesses will be allowed to offer cannabis only in case of approval of the neighborhood organizations. Communities will have a say before the location can apply for a license. Moreover, the only way of cannabis consumption that is going to be allowed is vaporing: there will be no place for smoke or combustion.

The new measure expands the horizons for cannabis enthusiasts. You will no longer have to stay home for taking your weed, you may live a full life and stay socially active. Moreover, tourists who earlier had some problems searching for places for cannabis consumption may also benefit from the new law.

The petition has already collected more than 10,800 signatures with a minimum of 4,726 required. Now voters are going to decide on the following measure in November.

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