May 20, 2016 8:45 AM

Oregon to Sell Recreational Extracts and Edibles in June

Starting June 2, Oregon residents and tourists will have the long awaited opportunity to purchase pot-infused products for recreational use. The state will temporarily allow local dispensaries to sell innovative weed edibles, concentrates, and non-psychoactive topicals to cannabis users.

Since last October, the state recreational laws have allowed adults aged over 21 to buy a limited amount of cannabis flowers, seeds, and starter plants, but other amazing forms of marijuana remained prohibited for sale in Oregon. However, on May 3, the Oregon Health Authority issued a bulletin that regulated the expansion of sales of marijuana products.

According to this bulletin, retail buyers will be allowed to buy one weed-infused edible with a low dose of cannabinoid at medical cannabis dispensaries that sell marijuana to recreational customers. A low-dose cannabinoid edible is an edible infused with no more than 15 mg of THC.

Besides, cannabis users can purchase one pre-filled cartridge or container of cannabis concentrates for portable vaporizers per day. The extracts shall contain no more than 1,000 mg of THC. Oregonians will also get the right to buy non-psychoactive topical products such as bath balms, salves, or lotions with the content of no more than 6% of THC.

Such strict limits for THC in marijuana-infused products may confuse both cannabis buyers and sellers. Dispensary operators claim that 15 mg of THC in a brownie is a very low dose, and most pot edibles contain from 100 to 200 mg of THC. But by allowing weak cannabis products, Oregon hopes to protect two groups of consumers: inexperienced users who often overeat pot edibles and feel impaired and sick, and children who sometimes get hospitalized after accidentally snaking on their parents' weed-infused sweets.

There are over 300 dispensaries in Oregon that already participate in the early program of recreational sales; you can quickly find them here. Under this sales program, medical cannabis dispensaries are licensed to sell 7g flower, low-dose edibles, concentrates and topicals to adults over 21 years until December 31, 2016. Starting from next year, recreational marijuana will be sold only through recreational retail stores licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and cannabis dispensaries will revert to medical sales.

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