May 31, 2017 12:45 PM

Second-Hand Clothing Store Receives Surprise Donation of Weed

As the number of states that have legalized cannabis is growing, the substance is becoming more and more popular among the citizens of such places. Moreover, since the herb has psychoactive properties, some people may start demonstrating uncommon or odd behavior, which is exactly what happened in Maplewood, a small town in Minnesota.

Recently, someone has accidentally left more than 100 grams of weed in the bags of children’s clothes they dropped off at a little suburban shop.

The Maplewood Police Department has posted a photo of this surprise donation on Facebook inviting the owner to get his product back.

Not surprisingly, no one has come back for their pot yet.

Cannabis was packed in dozens of small plastic bags. Paul Schnell, Police Chief, believes the herb was packaged for sale or distribution. In case the owners are identified, they could face a sentence of more than a year in jail.

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