May 24, 2017 12:25 PM

Switzerland Makes Another Step Towards Cannabis Legalization

Within the last decade, Switzerland has already made two pushes towards the legalization of cannabis in the country. The latest one was conducted in April.

Last month, a new initiative was introduced. It focuses on the legalization of the consumption and production of the plant for personal use. The initiative also suggests that the regulation of sales should be carried out by the government.

The country has already decriminalized the drug and relaxed the laws and criminal penalties associated with it. Nowadays, for carrying 10 grams of weed or less, you will get a fine of 100 francs (about $100).

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Back in 2008, the proposal to make the drug legal failed. However, there is one major difference in the new initiative. The new proposal suggests that the taxes from the sales should go to the government. In addition, the new initiative implies that marijuana will remain illegal for minors. Surprisingly, this idea was not included the previous time.

The member of the Legalize It group, Nine Forrer, states that the ban on cannabis is wrong both from the social and legal perspectives. Besides, he strongly believes that it is stupid from the economic point of view as well. In addition, the legalization of cannabis would help curtail the black market.

Right now, the government of Switzerland is considering a trial program to allow the state-controlled sales of the herb in several cities and selected pharmacies. Such cities as Bern, Geneva, Basel, and Zurich agreed to participate in the trial and launch special cannabis clubs that would sell the plant.

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