Rhode Island Marijuana Laws

Rhode Island Marijuana Laws

Although recreational use of marijuana remains illegal in Rhode Island, the state has a medical marijuana program.

Possession of up to 1 oz of marijuana is a civil violation, penalties for which include a $150 fine with no criminal record. A person possessing up to 1 kilogram may be charged with a fine of $500 and be sent to prison for 1 year. Possession of a larger amount of the substance may result in harsher penalties. A second or subsequent conviction increases the penalties.

Cultivation or sale of up to 1 kilogram is punishable by a maximum sentence of 30 years and a $100,000 fine. Furthermore, selling within 300 yards of a school zone or public place doubles the penalties. A conviction for the sale of more than 5 kilograms may result in lifetime imprisonment.

Consumption in a public place or where exposure to the marijuana smoke affects the health, safety, or welfare of children is illegal.

Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Laws

Qualifying patients and their primary caregivers may legally possess up to 2.5 oz of usable marijuana and cultivate no more than 12 mature plants and 12 seedlings. The plants must be grown in one location and stored in an indoor facility.

Out-of-state patients are not allowed to purchase marijuana in Rhode Island’s dispensaries.

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