Aug 21, 2016 9:45 AM

Top-5 Creative Ways to Smuggle Weed Across the Border

Illegal shipping of drugs annually brings millions of dollars to drug dealers. The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is a never-ending battle between smugglers and security officers. With the development of security measures, Mexican dealers find new and unexpected ways to ship drugs. Some of them are inventive enough to deserve a place on our news feed.

Is It Food?

To hide their illegal activities, many smugglers are disguising themselves as official businesses. It seems that the trend to cover marijuana with food is spreading fast. In most cases, weed is literary hidden inside fruits and vegetables. Some businesspeople, however, decide to go even further.

Have you heard the story of marijuana being shipped to the U.S. under the pretense of it being carrots? The criminals did not even cover the packages with actual carrots. Their genius plan was to wrap the bags with cannabis in orange tape and shape them like carrots. Obviously, these people thought that Texas law-enforcement officers did not know what this vegetable looks like and would let 1 ton of weed go through the border unnoticed.

Stuffed Food

The next way we are going to describe is a bit more discrete than the previous one and has some chances to succeed. It is hard to count how many times smugglers carrying weed inside one or another food products have been caught.

Apparently, weed dealers are not the only people who prefer this method of shipping illegal goods. For example, to conceal a hundred kilos of cocaine, a notable drug lord “El Chapo” opened his business selling canned jalapeno peppers. When shipping the cans to his stores in the U.S., the man stuffed them with cocaine packs.

Every time, marijuana dealers find more and more foods to stuff with their product. Law-enforcement agencies know dozens of cases when weed was hidden in watermelons, coconuts, pineapples, and even cucumbers. The bags with cannabis are vacuum-sealed and then hidden inside fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

Donuts are another favorite hiding place of drug dealers. Marijuana or amphetamines are usually put inside the delicacy. However, there was a case in 2014 when the shipped packages contained simple donuts that were sprinkled with cocaine instead of sugar powder.


New technological developments often open up novel possibilities in various facets of life, and illegal transportation of marijuana is no exception here. Last year, some ingenious smugglers were trying to carry weed through the border by a drone. Unexpectedly, their flying machine failed them and crashed while flying over a yard of some house located near the border. The shocked house-owner reported that the packages with weed fell right on top of their dog house.

The authorities claim that they have been aware of a possible danger of smugglers using drones for a long time. The criminals adapt fast and so should the law-enforcement agencies.


While some dealers use high-tech solutions to ship cannabis, others simply resort to ancient yet battle-tested devices. The barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border are high, therefore some cartels think of ways to throw things higher and higher. There were a few cases when the local criminals came to the border with their own catapult in tow and threw the packages across the fence for somebody on the other side to pick them up.


The most ambitious way to carry drugs through the border is to build your own submarine. Of course, it is a costly thing to do, but it will pay off fast, that is what most criminals think.

However, it must be very uncomfortable to sit in a “home-made” submarine under meters of water trying to smuggle drugs.

As we see from all the methods above, it is true that human imagination knows no limits.

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