Dec 5, 2016 9:10 AM

Top 7 Countries With Harshest Drug Policies

Although most states are now easing their drug laws, there are still plenty of countries that have harsh punishments for storing, using, and selling drugs. The penalties may vary from huge fines to long-term prison sentences or even death. Below you can find a list of countries that have the harshest drug policies.

The most recently collected statistics on DrugAbuse.com contain information received from various reports on the drug laws in 44 countries.

The web-site’s “interactive calculator” is designed to find out the world’s harshest punishments and discover whether a specific nation's penalties are effective in curbing the use of drugs at home. According to the data, strict penalties are usually ineffective in controlling the usage of prohibited substances.

The calculator shows that the countries with the harshest sentences for illegal substances include Russia (9.6 years), Singapore (10 years), Slovakia (12.5 years), South Africa (14.6 years), the United Arab Emirates (15 years), Turkey (18 years), and Nigeria (25 years). Surprisingly, Nigeria, which has the longest term of imprisonment for drug-related crimes, is now among the nations with the world’s highest levels of drug usage.

However, the list does not include countries that use life imprisonment or death sentences for punishment. Thus, around thirty countries impose death sentences on people convicted of drug-related crimes. These include Bangladesh, which uses capital punishment for those found to possess over 25 grams of cocaine, Malaysia, which executes those caught having 15 grams of heroin, and Indonesia.

Another kind of punishment for drug criminals in many countries is physical harm. Iranian judges often sentence drug offenders to lashings from a 3-foot whip, while Malaysians can subject individuals to canings for similar crimes.

Compared to the harshest sentences applied to drug criminals in other nations, those handed down in the United States seem to be relatively light. Thus, the state of Mississippi has the strictest drug policy (about ten years of imprisonment).

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