Jun 10, 2016 5:04 AM

Top Reasons Prohibition Activists Use Against Federal Marijuana Legalization

As of now, the marijuana legalization movement is rather strong. Four states and the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational cannabis use; more states will be voting this fall. The notion of making marijuana legalization federal is becoming stronger with each passing day. It may seem that nothing can stop the movement now, but some things remain unchanged—people are still using the same arguments against the further development of the industry.

Unlike some years ago, when the movement to legalize marijuana have only started, now the supporters of prohibition have caught up, have active leaders and are armed with sophisticated arguments. Today, their discourse is even stronger than before; their programs new and more profound. Their arguments are mostly directed at providing undecided voters with an excuse to be cautious.

There is a set of main “facts” that prohibition activists actively use to create a new social picture of cannabis as a dangerous drug. Some of the most popular of them are the following.

  1. Public safety can be threatened by the legalization of weed; legalization may lead to on-the-job accidents and negligence in the future.
  2. Despite numerous studies that state that clever marijuana use in not dangerous for our bodies, the studies do not consider the increase in the potency of marijuana. To be honest, the manufacturers are constantly breeding new strains that are more and more potent. However, when buying herbs, every stoner knows to look at the package and see the level of the strain's THC, and they know to be careful about it.
  3. Another popular argument of anti-legalization activists is the possible danger for teenagers. While some of the recent studies show that cannabis, like many other things, may be not safe for underage users, it does not follow that cannabis should not be legally sold to adults.

WHO Explains Neurobiology of Recreational Cannabis Use
WHO Explains Neurobiology of Recreational Cannabis Use
Recently, the World Health Organization published a report titled “The health and social effects of non-medical cannabis use”—the first in the last twenty years.
  1. Prohibition enthusiasts also use an increase of social costs as an argument against legalization. According to them, these costs will be greater than the benefits of taxing weed.
  2. Anti-cannabis activists seem to believe that commercial marijuana industry will promote marijuana use among teenagers. It will become manipulative. The result may be as grievous as the widespread use of tobacco among teenagers.
    This, however, did not happen in Colorado. In fact, teen marijuana use in Colorado declined after legalization.

After Legalization: Colorado Report Shows Decrease in Teen Marijuana Use
After Legalization: Colorado Report Shows Decrease in Teen Marijuana Use
Marijuana legalization has always been a complex issue, especially for parents who always worry about their children. Indeed, this topic raises many questions such as “Is marijuana a depressant?” or “Will pot legalization harm our future generation?”.
  1. Besides, according to prohibition advocates, the federal legalization of cannabis use for adults will itself inevitably lead to an increased exposure of teens to weed.
  2. Even the legalization of marijuana in some states is risky and can lead to a common belief that cannabis is “not dangerous” and people will start consuming it even in areas where the use is illegal.
    In fact, the illegal use of marijuana among teens in Washington has not grown because of the legalization of recreational weed for adults.

Marijuana Legalization Does Not Affect Teens’ Exposure to Drugs
Marijuana Legalization Does Not Affect Teens’ Exposure to Drugs
The legalization of recreational marijuana use in Washington state caused concerns about the use of the plant among adolescents. It was believed that the enactment of this law can increase underage access to weed.
  1. Many people believe that the development of marijuana market is directly connected to the increase in crime activities. They insist that further legalization can be a reason of numerous homicides due to the skirmishes of drug dealers over their profit.
  2. Driving under the influence will occur more and more frequently which will lead to numerous traffic accidents and fatalities thus endangering not only cannabis users but other people as well.

What the legalization movement activists have to understand is that one of their most important concerns is the representation of cannabis in media and the public opinion. To win this “war”, we have to point out the weak spots in these arguments based on scientific research that proves the countless benefits of marijuana.

Besides, the future of the marijuana market is a point that the prohibition advocates miss from their campaign simply assuming that the current market is better than what we will have after the legalization. However, a regulated market may eliminate all the problems that we have today.

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