Jan 27, 2017 12:20 PM

Trump's Arguments Against Marijuana and 5 Possible Scenarios

After Donald Trump became the new President of the United States last week, the pot community started wondering what arguments against marijuana President Trump had and what they should expect from the new administration. Here are five possible scenarios of how Trump's presidency will affect the marijuana industry.

In the current marijuana legalization debate, Trump's position seems to be favorable for the cannabis community—during his presidential campaign, he has claimed that he supports the use of medical marijuana. However, the new President does not seem to be consistent about his campaign statements.

For instance, candidate Trump talked about his intention to build the wall between America and Mexico at the expense of the neighboring country. Now, President Trump claims that the construction costs will be put on Americans, and Mexico will reimburse the United States later.

So, nobody can be sure that he will follow his campaign promises related to marijuana.

Moreover, Jeff Sessions is most likely to be approved for the position of the attorney general, and he is a well-known opponent in the marijuana legalization debate.

Taking this into account, marijuana experts have predicted the following five scenarios of Trump's actions in relation to the marijuana industry.

1. Audit of Marijuana Companies

President Trump has already spoken about his plans to liquidate anything associated with his predecessor. If the Trump administration can take on the termination of the insurance policy that affects nearly 22 million Americans, then marijuana users for them are a drop in the bucket. Sen. Sessions could arrange audits to check how well the current legal marijuana programs comply with the requirements of the Cole Memo. Any argument against marijuana programs can be used to hinder the advancements they have made so far.

2. Green Light to Medical Marijuana, Red Light to Recreational Use

There are concerns that the new government will be against marijuana for recreational use. Though President Trump allegedly supports the medical use of weed, he may start with the inspection of recreational retailers. These companies may face a seizure of property, and the lack of funds will not let them win the battle with the government. Although states can fight for the rights of their voters who have approved the adult use of marijuana, the recreational marijuana companies will still be under a lot of pressure.

3. Marijuana Legalization Debates Will Calm Down

Many experts believe that the marijuana legalization debate is not the top issue of the new administration, as there are many other problems, including heath care. However, some are concerned that patients in the states that are only going to legalize marijuana are not protected by the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment. The law protects the medical marijuana industry, but its action expires after April 28. The new government could also stay uncertain about the herb: not really saying that marijuana should not be legalized but at the same time not supporting the notion either.

4. No Changes in Marijuana Industry

There are high chances that the Trump administration will leave the marijuana industry as it is. If President Trump takes no actions against marijuana, then the Cole Memo will remain in effect, and states with legal weed will carry out their marijuana policies without interference. According to the latest polls, most Americans support the marijuana legalization, and the states are happy with the revenue that the weed industry brings.

5. Rescheduling of Marijuana

It should be taken into account that Trump is a businessman, and even if he thinks that marijuana should not be legalized, he also understands how much money it brings to the nation. Moreover, he is interested in new jobs, and the marijuana industry provides 100,000-150,000 jobs across the country. Some experts predict that Trump could reschedule marijuana in order to gain millions of new supporters. He had claimed that marijuana profits should be taken out of the black market, so he could make banks start servicing marijuana companies and customers. Trump likes shocking actions, so it is possible that he could open the marijuana market for export and bring additional money to the U.S.

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