Mar 14, 2017 12:35 PM

University of Denver Expands Its Cannabis-Related Curriculum

The University of Denver is adding a new discipline to its educational program. It will be a course on the business peculiarities of the weed industry. The topic of marijuana is not new to the university as it already provides classes on cannabis law and weed journalism.

The University of Denver will offer a "Business of Marijuana" course that is designed to explore various issues of the cannabis industry. The school’s officials have announced that DU’s Daniels College of Business will start the new course on March 28. It is the university's third class centered on legal cannabis.

Weed Specialist: California University Offers to Study Weed Physiology
Weed Specialist: California University Offers to Study Weed Physiology
The consequences of cannabis legalization are felt in various areas of life, including education. Thus, it will soon be possible to learn about the properties of weed within the university program.

The new marijuana curriculum will help students understand the different sides of cannabis business, from cultivation and selling to marketing and security. The course will also dive into the subject of how the industry matches up to other economic sectors.

Paul Seaborn, the instructor of the course, says that the class will provide valuable information about the similarities and differences between the cannabis industry and other business fields. It will also allow to study the unique features of the industry and the common issues the marijuana sector and other similar fields experienced in their early stages.

First Course on Medical Cannabis Starts at Israel's University
First Course on Medical Cannabis Starts at Israel's University
Students in Israel now have a great opportunity to study medical cannabis at Ariel University. This first-ever program on the medical benefits of marijuana has been recently approved by Israel's Council for Higher Education.

The new program will be offered both to undergraduate and graduate students as a general business and management elective credit.

Disputed Cannabis Tax Revenue Used to Fund Scholarships
The cannabis industry is one of the most promising spheres nationwide. Since it attracts millions of dollars and provides significant profits, the industry is becoming an important source of taxes. However, current marijuana-related laws still contain plenty of disputable issues concerning the collection and use of pot taxes.
Jun 6, 2017 12:30 PM
Can Marijuana Taxes Solve Our Budget Problems?
People get so used to hearing about the impressive tax revenues that cannabis industry has brought to the local budgets of the states with legalized recreational weed, that it actually tricked some of them to thinking marijuana taxes can solve all the problems of their neighborhood.
Aug 24, 2016 9:10 AM
Colorado Students Awarded Cannabis Tax Scholarship
Pueblo County, Colorado, has awarded 25 local high school students with a college scholarship financed by the funds generated from cannabis excise taxes.
Jul 3, 2016 9:15 AM