May 4, 2017 12:20 PM

Washington State to Establish New Rules for Weed-Related Billboards

Washington state authorities are currently looking to prohibit roadside marijuana billboards that contain pictures of cannabis plants, cuddly mascots, and some other images they fear may attract the attention of kids.

The legislature has recently passed numerous changes to the state’s marijuana laws, including new rules for cannabis-related billboards, according to KIRO 7.

The new bill, known as Senate Bill 5131, would allow using only the shop’s title, location, logo, and type of business in an outdoor pot advertisement. Therefore, all pictures that feature weed and its products would be forbidden. Weed ads should not contain “images that might be appealing to children.”

A bright example of the ad that might soon become illegal is the billboard for Tacoma’s Clear Choice Cannabis. The ad contains a picture of a cat with an inscription “I’m so high right meow.” This kind of advertisement could easily attract the attention of children.

Adam Schmidt, the owner of the mentioned shop, is now taking down the ad. He said that he never wanted it to appeal to children but tried to be creative like any business.

Ezra Eickmeyer, owner of Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, stated that a few disputable billboards were just an enforcement issue, and they should not be used to characterize the entire cannabis industry. He added that he and some lobbyists had previously called on the legislature to establish new rules for weed billboards to make sure they do not attract users under the age of 21. Eickmeyer remarked that the new law would also ban sign spinners advertising pot shops.

Senate Bill 5131 would also clarify that giving weed to someone who is 21 or older is not a crime. Currently, only licensed companies can “transfer cannabis” while giving herb to another person remains to be a Class C felony.

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