Jul 13, 2017 12:45 PM

West Virginia Starts Taking Applications for Growing Hemp

West Virginia farmers have recently begun to apply for permits to grow hemp for business purposes. It makes the Mountain State the latest one to become interested in herb cultivation.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the local authorities represented by the agricultural commissioner started accepting applications from potential hemp cultivators this past Tuesday.

The applicants that receive permission to cultivate the plant will join the West Virginia Farmers Association, the members of which already have 14 licenses for growing hemp for scientific purposes. The original growers, who are currently cultivating more than 30 acres of crop in 11 counties, will now be able to grow it for industrial needs.

It is important to note that CBD products, which are legal in West Virginia, can now be produced from hemp plants. Apart from that, the plant can be used as food, for the production of oils, and the manufacturing of fiber.

According to the 2014 federal Farm Bill, growing hemp for research purposes is permitted in 31 states, including South Carolina.

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