Jun 26, 2016 9:25 AM

Which U.S. States Still Prohibit Marijuana?

While the United States has been significantly involved in the marijuana reform, there are some states that still prohibit all forms of cannabis use. Are advocates doing anything to push marijuana proposals? And when will these states join the national marijuana movement?

Most states of America have already participated in the state-level cannabis reform. As for now, there are 25 states that have legalized comprehensive medical cannabis programs, along with four states with legal access to marijuana for adult recreational use, while another 16 states approved the usage of CBD oil for medical purposes. However, nine states remain negatively-spirited toward marijuana in any forms, according to the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Medical Cannabis Pros and Cons: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
Medical Cannabis Pros and Cons: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
Though cannabis has been in use for centuries, there are still many controversies and health concerns surrounding the topic of marijuana consumption.

Of course, there are some regional patterns of cannabis legalization within the U.S. Thus, the Northeast and the West Coast are mainly covered by the comprehensive medical marijuana program. The Northwest approves the recreational use of cannabis, while CBD-only legalization mostly embraces the Southeast. In contrast, most states in the Midwest are in strong opposition to all forms of marijuana. Let us look at how close these nine states are to approving marijuana legislation.


Although the state lawmakers have rejected any cannabis-related proposals, marijuana advocates still hope that medical marijuana bill will pass next year. However, Gov. Pete Rickets has the intention to veto all legislation measures that have some relation to marijuana.

West Virginia

This year, a medical cannabis proposal has been submitted to the committee of the state's legislature, though the chances that this bill will be passed in West Virginia remain unknown to the public.


A medical marijuana bill has been narrowly rejected by the state voters once. Now, marijuana defenders are pushing to include multiple initiatives on legalizing medical use of weed in the 2016 ballot.

Marijuana Laws by State: Who Votes on Weed Legalization in November?
Marijuana Laws by State: Who Votes on Weed Legalization in November?
Although it looks like marijuana federal law will remain unchangeable in the near future, thousands of Americans will get the chance to change their local marijuana policies on the upcoming ballot in November.


The proposal to legalize CBD oil for medical purposes was removed from the decriminalization bill that has been passed this year. There are no chances to include any pot initiatives in the 2016 ballot, as only the Kansas legislature has the right to pass medical cannabis legislation in the state.


Indiana lawmakers have already rejected several cannabis-related proposals, as well as those that offered CBD-only legalization. Marijuana advocates in Indiana have little chances to push marijuana bills, as the state Gov. Mike Pence is one of the most vigorous critics of the cannabis reform.

One American Per Minute Arrested for Marijuana Possession
One American Per Minute Arrested for Marijuana Possession
Nationwide, one in approximately twenty arrests is for simple marijuana possession. Although the total number of arrests for marijuana possession in the United States decreased in almost a half between 2010 and 2014, marijuana-related arrests remain near record-high levels.

North Dakota

North Dakota already conducted a poll regarding marijuana legalization in 2014. 24% of the state voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis while medical marijuana legalization was supported by 47% of participants. This year, cannabis advocates are pushing to include two cannabis-related initiatives in the November ballot.

South Dakota

Some marijuana defenders claim that South Dakota is the most cannabis-unfriendly state in the U.S. Medical marijuana initiatives have failed twice on the ballot. Nowadays, a pro-cannabis group is trying to put medical cannabis legalization on the November ballot again, though there are few chances that the proposal will pass.


After the state Gov. Butch Otter vetoed a CBD-only initiative in 2015, currently, there are no cannabis-related bills in the Idaho legislature.


Wisconsin has already adopted a CBD-only statute, but according to this statute's provisions, the state should refrain from any activity until the federal government takes actions towards the medical CBD program first.

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