Nov 27, 2016 12:15 PM

Why Are Marijuana Users Still Prohibited From Possessing Guns?

Cannabis has been recently legalized in many states for medical and recreational purposes. However, weed enthusiasts are still confused with the federal law that forbids to sell guns to the individuals who consume illegal drugs. Let us find out why marijuana users are still denied the right to possess guns.

As of Election Day 2016, Americans can now legally use marijuana in the twenty-nine states. Some states, including California, allow marijuana consumption for recreational purposes. Thus, millions of weed users, especially patients who require medical cannabis, are concerned that the federal ban on gun possession to the users of restricted substances offends their Second Amendment rights.

The issue has already attracted the attention of cannabis supporters who believe that the conflict will only escalate as more and more states support the legalization measures. Marijuana activists claim that adult cannabis users who obey the laws of their states ought to have the same legal rights as other citizens.

The issue has recently become the subject of a high-profile federal court case. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which performs under the jurisdiction of the Western states, announced that the federal laws did not encroach on the constitutional rights. The judges agreed that cannabis warranted the suspension of an individual’s gun rights. Moreover, studies have suggest that there is a significant connection between violence and drug use, including weed. The court members did not see fit to make exceptions for medical cannabis users.

However, weed users still hope to have equal rights of firearm ownership with other citizens. The problem has been in the focus of both marijuana politicians and gun-rights groups who support the Second Amendment rights of marijuana users.

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