Jun 8, 2017 12:40 PM

Why Do Most Europeans Choose Dangerous Smoking?

The majority of marijuana smokers in Europe still add tobacco to their joints, according to the latest global survey. In contrast, only eight percent of American respondents choose this dangerous way of smoking.

The results of the latest international poll conducted by the Global Drug Survey showed that Europeans continue to mix tobacco and marijuana. For instance, 77 percent of British pot consumers smoke weed and tobacco together, while less than eight percent of Americans opt for this way of consumption.

This habit became popular among Europeans because of marijuana prohibition and the expensiveness of the herb.

Though the price for weed has significantly reduced by now, marijuana is still illegal in most European countries. Thus, many people in Europe continue to use cannabis along with tobacco.

Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal in Europe?
Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal in Europe?
While more and more U.S. states consider cannabis legalization, Europe hardly moves anywhere in this direction. One of the reasons for this inactivity is the fact that the political power of people in Europe is limited, and they cannot simply address the question most politicians try to avoid.

According to the survey data, the number of marijuana consumers in the world reached two million people last year. Researchers learned that nearly 1,673,000 people added tobacco to their pot joints.

Other scientific studies show people's tendency toward reducing the use of marijuana as they age. However, stoners can become addictive to nicotine if they combine weed and tobacco. Nicotine dependence makes people regular tobacco smokers and leads to health problems. Moreover, it stimulates people to continue the consumption of cannabis.

Though the use of marijuana and tobacco in the world has been steadily reducing over the last decade, in Britain, more than eighty thousand of people die from diseases caused by cigarette smoking each year.

Thus, the findings of the latest poll raised many concerns among the researchers at the Global Drug Survey.

European countries need to reconsider their drugs policies and take into account the needs of marijuana users. It is important to break the connection between weed and tobacco in order to decrease the number of people with nicotine dependence and tobacco-related health problems.

Buying Cannabis in Europe: Best Options
Buying Cannabis in Europe: Best Options
Today, cannabis is a big deal not only in the U.S. but in the whole Europe as well. However, the models of distribution in these two parts of the world differ greatly.

In contrast, American states that legalized marijuana have lower rates of tobacco smokers and people who mix cannabis and tobacco. Smoking marijuana is also not the safest method of consumption, so many people in the U.S. opt for other ways, including vaping. This method does not expose weed consumers to unsafe compounds in cannabis smoke and also eliminates the use of tobacco.

In addition, there are other concentrated versions of marijuana, such as butane hash oil and weed-infused edibles. These methods ensure the desired effects, yet they are free of the harmful smoke.

Moreover, drug treatment specialists advise people who have a nicotine addiction to stop smoking cigarettes and opt for cannabis as a safer option for their health. Though it is not the best way of treatment, this method helps reduce all forms of drug use.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that European countries are going to legalize marijuana in the near future. However, the question of the potential health harm of adding tobacco to pot joints should be brought to public attention.

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