Jun 30, 2017 12:25 PM

Will Poland Become Next Country to Legalize MMJ?

The lower house of the Polish Parliament, currently controlled by conservatives, has recently voted for making medical cannabis legal under particular conditions.

Poland is following in the steps of some other EU members, including Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, as well as 23 U.S. states and Uruguay, which was first to make marijuana completely legal in 2013.

Portugal Celebrates 15 Years of Weed Decriminalization
Portugal Celebrates 15 Years of Weed Decriminalization
In July 2001, the Portuguese parliament passed a law decriminalizing possession, acquisition, and use of small quantities of psychoactive substances, including marijuana. For years before that, Portugal had been know for its severe drug problems and its unsuccessful and harsh “war on drugs” policy.

The majority of Polish lawmakers voted to allow prescription-only weed medicine with imported ingredients to be available in pharmacies.

The new measure needs to be approved by both the Senate and the country's president. The law still prohibits using recreational weed.

The lawmakers did not support the possibility of growing cannabis for medicinal purposes in Poland, which had also been part of the draft initiative.

According to a recent survey conducted in January, a whopping 78 percent of Poles support cannabis legalization.

The public discussion on consuming medicinal pot significantly intensified after the disputable firing of a Polish doctor who had treated his young epileptic patients with weed without notifying his superiors.

Last year, the health minister of Poland approved the financing of several kinds of specialized therapy that included marijuana-based treatment. It can be used only at the request of the patient and after receiving special permission from the ministry.

Mexico to Legalize Medical Cannabis
Mexico to Legalize Medical Cannabis
Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico, has issued a decree confirming the legalization of using cannabis for medicinal purposes. The measure was signed after complete support from the lower house of Congress.

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Last month, the Italian parliament heard a marijuana legalization proposal drafted by Cannabis Legale, a parliamentary intergroup that includes more than two hundred deputies and senators.
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